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If you're a music creator, there's nothing wrong with wanting to get your music earning you an income.

From part-time to full-time aspirations, we specialize in providing you with the resources to help you place your music onto media, film and TV.


Library Music

That Sells.

Our flagship online course has helped scores of composers and producers license their music into "Music Libraries" - companies who get your music onto films and TV shows.


This comprehensive guide of 70+ lessons features insider tips from major label executives, 6-figure-a-year home studio composers and advice from the film editors who actually cut your tracks to picture.


Plus exclusive discounts from our course partners Native Instruments, Heavyocity, Waves and much more.


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"A vast course, packed with useful information and tips that would be hard to find elsewhere. Our verdict: Awesome!"

MusicTech Magazine review, (March 2020 issue.)

"It's right on point and a great introduction to the topic.

There is no waffle, just the good stuff."

Sound On Sound Magazine review, (Jan 2020 issue.)


An Introduction To Writing Music For Television.

Our No.1 Amazon Bestselling Book

Want to write soundtrack music for TV shows?


Featuring contributions from Emmy-winning TV composers;


Walter Murphy (Family Guy)

Michael Price (Sherlock)

Mac Quayle (Mr. Robot)


Find out why this book went straight to No. 1 in Amazon's "Music Composition" category within it's first week, and was the only book to be a nominee in MusicTech Magazine's "Gear Of The Year 2020" awards!

The Blog

Hints, tips and musings galore, courtesy of the Music For Income blog.


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All 7 must-know music rights easily explained in just over 5mins!


THE secret resource when writing songs for TV.

Some game changing info if you're writing songs with lyrics.


How BAD ideas can turn into GREAT tracks.

Read this before you hit "empty trash" on those ideas that never worked out.


Pitching for TV work: Wisdom from Bear McCreary.

Some little known advice from one of the most prolific TV composers around.


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