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Michael Kruk

Music For Income is the brainchild of TV composer and producer, Michael Kruk.


Speaking about Music For Income, Michael says:


"Writing and producing music is such an artistic endeavor, we can often feel guilty or money-grabbing in asking how we could make money from it. Alternatively, many creators just aren't good at, (or get bored by), the business side of things!


Music For Income was set up to help easily understand and reveal ways that you can start making an income from your music."


Michael has written and produced the music for many major, award winning documentary series, which have been seen by tens of millions of viewers worldwide.

He has produced scores for David Attenborough documentaries through to series for the BBC Natural History Unit. His music has been performed by 75-piece orchestras, but he has also delivered entire soundtracks crafted solely in his home studio.


In addition to his composing career, Michael also co-owns a successful UK Music Library, where he heads up the screening team. He has listened to over 15,000 submissions during this time and those tracks that make it into the catalog often see placement on major network TV shows around the globe.


He is also the bestselling author of

"An Introduction To Writing Music For Television", in which he shares his essential tips for writing bespoke soundtracks for TV, alongside contributions from 3 Emmy winning composers.

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